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The Goose - Comfort Plushie

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The Goose - Comfort Plushie$

Product Description

Meet  The Our Goose 

The fluffiest and friendliest comfort plushie that will bring joy to everyone he meets! Crafted with high-quality materials, this super soft buddy boasts an adorable and lifelike face that will melt your heart.

Not only is  Our Goose perfect for cuddling, but he also helps release happy hormones that promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Available in five sizes to suit any need and budget, from the Little to the Giant Bruce, he makes a perfect gift for anyone in need of extra comfort and joy, whether it's a little one, a loved one, or even a furry friend.

Don't hesitate! BringOur Goose home today and experience the joy and comfort he brings.


Why You need Our Goose

  • Provides a sense of security - looking for the perfect gift that provides comfort and security? Look no further than a soft and cuddly plushie! the perfect gift for a little one, yourself, a loved one or your pet to provide comfort.

  • Releases Oxytocin, ‘the happy hormone’– not only do plushies offer a sense of security, but they also release oxytocin - also known as "the happy hormone" - which can calm and soothe the mind, promoting feelings of happiness and contentment

  • Eases loneliness – a plushie acts as a cushion on the hard days. It helps reduce signs of loneliness and fills the gap created by the lack of human interaction.

  • Improves mental health – on difficult days, a plushie can also provide a non-judgmental ear and shoulder to cry on, helping to improve mental health and ease worries.

  • Help with grief – for those experiencing grief, a plushie can represent a connection to a loved one who has passed, providing a path through the grieving process and easing the feeling of loss

  • The perfect gift - for anyone in need of comfort and security, whether it's a little one, yourself, a loved one, or even your furry friend.