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Yoga Ligament Stretching Belt

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Yoga Ligament Stretching Belt$$

Product Description

People who sit a lot. move little. and are therefore inflexible and have pain.

A unique stretching aid that assists in the relaxation of the shoulders. back and thighs have a stretch massage effect. even for users with a limited range of motion.


Multi-Loops Stretching Aid: It's ideal for people with limited flexibility or range of motion. Made of a comfortable poly laminate and webbing. this unique stretching aid features multiple strap loops for personal control of each stretch.

Unique Design: While aiding in physical mobility and flexibility. its design encompasses the foot allowing for a comfortable stretch. The unique design alleviates stress on the heel. permits relaxed breathing. and affords superior dorsiflexion of the toes.

Relieves Back & Hip Pain: A common reason for lower back and hip pain is shortened leg extensors (legs permanently bent). Due to this shortening. the lower back has to compensate in order to bring the body back into an upright position - this results in pain. This overloads the lower back and causes. for example. adhesions of the fasciae.

Safely Stretching: Foot Stretch strap provides additional stability during unassisted stretches and poses. prevents injury. and facilitates gradual and gentle stretches that protect your muscles and make you more and more flexible each day.

Easy To Use: It can be worn in three unique orientations to accommodate different stretching positions. Choose from the three configurations to target separate muscle groups.


  • Materlal: Polyester cotton
  • ltem rype: Braces & Supports
  • color: Black
  • Length: 115cm
  • Footpad: 24x14cm
  • Each loop: 17×23cm